Categories: Fintech Marketing

by deborah


Categories: Fintech Marketing

by deborah


How to Choose the Right Marketing Agency for Your Fintech Company

As a business owner in the fintech space, you know the value of your company and the financial services you offer. Getting members of your target audience on board can be challenging, though.

That’s where a team of experienced marketing professionals can come in handy.

Don’t trust any marketing agency with your business’s marketing and branding strategy. Look for a company that works exclusively with financial services companies like yours.

Not sure what to look for in a marketing agency for fintech businesses? This guide outlines the essential factors to consider during your search.

Fintech Knowledge and Experience

Financial services businesses and their target clients have unique needs, pain points, and goals that other consumers don’t.

To connect with your ideal audience and generate more interest in your company’s financial services, you need to partner with a marketing agency that understands your industry and the kind of work you do.

Working with an agency that primarily assists financial services businesses will allow you to hit the ground running. You won’t have to spend hours explaining what you do or why it matters.

As a result, you’ll be able to create an effective strategy and start seeing results sooner!

Relevant Marketing Services

Once you’ve made a shortlist of marketing agencies catering to fintech companies like yours, it’s time to check out their specific services.

Do they assist with planning and strategising? Can they help you conduct market research or a competitor analysis? Will they help you create different types of marketing content, such as videos or blog posts?

Make sure the agency’s services are relevant to your needs and marketing goals. Finding this out early will save you from having to search for multiple partners to help you with your marketing plan.

Exemplary Branding

Would you trust a hairdresser with a bad haircut? Probably not.

The way professionals present themselves and their businesses matters, and marketing agencies are no exception.

If you look up a particular agency and see that they have an outdated website, an unappealing logo, and little-to-no social media presence, that’s a red flag.

If they can’t demonstrate effective branding for themselves, how can you trust that they’ll be able to help you improve your marketing and branding strategy?

Varied Portfolio

In addition to solid branding for their own business, the agency should also have an extensive and varied portfolio showing how they’ve produced strong branding and effective marketing materials for their clients.

Look at the portfolio to learn about the agency’s style and commitment to quality. Take note of what you like in different videos, social media posts, and ads as well.

Positive Online Reviews

Online reviews can provide a more objective look at an agency’s services, how its employees treat their customers, and how likely you are to be satisfied with their approach to fintech marketing.

Look at third-party review sites (Yelp, Google Reviews, Facebook reviews, etc.) to read about other people’s experiences with each agency you’re thinking about hiring.

Pay attention to the average star rating, but don’t let that be the end of your search. You should also consider how many reviews the agency has and when the most recent review was left.

Consider people’s reasoning behind their reviews, too. Why are they happy or unhappy with this agency? Would they recommend it to a friend or use it again?

Free Consultations/Quotes

Most marketing agencies are willing to offer free consultations or quotes to potential clients.

These consults or quotes give them a chance to explain their offerings in more detail, break down the different services they can provide and their average cost, and help you understand if this agency is the best fit for you and your fintech marketing goals.

Be wary of agencies that ask you to pay for a quote or consult. That’s a red flag and indicates they’re just looking to make a quick buck.

Commitment to Continuing Education

When speaking to team members from a particular marketing agency, ask about what the employees do to keep up with ongoing marketing trends, the latest technologies, etc.

The best agencies will be committed to continuing education. They will also dedicate themselves to staying informed about updates in the fintech industry to ensure they’re using relevant data to help businesses like yours.

Find a Marketing Agency for FinTech Companies Today

The right marketing agency for fintech companies can work with you to create, execute, and refine an effective marketing strategy. From identifying your target audience to developing compelling content, they will help you every step of the way.

If you want to partner with a London-based content marketing team dedicated to assisting financial services providers like you, we’re here to help at FinTech Content Marketing.

Contact us today to book a consult and learn more about our services.