Cut through the fintech noise

Cut through the fintech noise

With the right content to back your marketing efforts, you’ll find it easy to keep your CEO happy.

Empower Your Marketing Efforts with Regular Content

Too often, content marketing agencies rely on generic content with little to no specialized knowledge, resulting in boring articles that lack insights. With us, you work directly with fintech and financial services-focused writers.

We bring that sigh of relief that comes with knowing there’s an expert-written, SEO-optimized blog to drive prospects through your marketing funnel, ready to publish every single week.

Content Writing

High-quality content written by Fintech marketing experts.

Content Strategy

Full-funnel content strategies designed to attract, nurture, and retain new business.

eBooks and Whitepapers

Digital ebooks and whitepapers that grab the interest of your buyers.

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Looking for the cost?

It’s annoying to learn all about a new partner only to find out they don’t fit in with your budget. That’s why our costs are upfront and easy to find. Just click the link below or drop us an email for a personalized package.

How Does Content Help Me Get Leads?

Marketing is a funnel and content is the engine that powers that funnel. Think about the last time you bought a pair of running shoes. Chances are, you didn’t buy the first pair you saw. You probably:

  • Became aware that you need new running shoes
  • Took a few weeks avoiding the problem
  • Learnt a bit about which shoes are right for your needs
  • Found a brand you quite like
  • Checked the reviews online
  • Bought the shoes

If all of that went into a £150 purchase, imagine what your target customer goes through when they’re considering spending 6 to 8 figures on your product or service. They probably want to hear:

  • Why your product or service is better than your competitor’s services
  • How you’ll help them achieve their goals (e.g. how you’ll help them get a promotion or reduce their stress levels)
  • What’s special about your company or product
  • Why they should trust that you’re the industry leader in your space

It’s not fair to expect your sales team to achieve all of this in a thirty minute discovery call. That’s where content fits in. By creating content that genuinely speaks to your target buyer, using the words they use, and speaking about their real pain points you’ll find your sales team are much better positioned to easily convert business.

Content is King

For FinTech marketers, content marketing can bite into your vital work hours. It can be difficult to manage both a marketing department and produce regular, weekly content alone. 

At FinTech Content, our goal is to simplify the marketing process.

When you work with us, you receive content designed to attract your target audience, boost your search engine ranking, and convert visitors into leads.

Achieve Your Marketing Goals

With more than 7 years of experience working exclusively in the financial industry, our writers focus on three primary goals:

  1. Driving valuable web traffic to your website

  2. Establishing a strong and profitable online presence for your business

  3. Building meaningful connections between you and your ideal customers

Build a Competitive Online Presence

SEO Keyword Research
SEO can be a complicated process, especially with so many different possible topics and keywords to use. We can handle the SEO keyword research process for you so you never have to worry about figuring out the best keywords to use in your content.

Keyword Optimization
Our writers understand the importance of optimizing keyword usage without making content sound too sales-oriented.

2 Free Revisions
Designing a successful content strategy takes time and collaboration, especially if you are just beginning your content marketing journey. As we get to know your business and you get to know our writers, we want to make sure we provide the support and flexibility necessary for a long-lasting partnership. To achieve this, we offer 2 free revisions for every piece of content we produce for you.

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