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Our senior video producer has over four years of experience creating video content for financial services companies and our designers are experts at creating content LinkedIn viewers will love.

Whether you’re looking for a few edits here and there, want to produce a two minute explainer to go on your website, or want to launch a long-term consistent video strategy that fits in with your content marketing plan, we’ll help you get the ideas in your head out onto the screen. For designs, we produce LinkedIn swipe graphics, infographics, and diagrams in your branding to supplement your content strategy.

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Is video the future of content?

People like to consume different forms of content for different reasons, at different times. Some might like to settle down with a blog in the evening to get a better understanding of how they can improve their b2b payments processes, but that same person might want to watch a quick 20 second video to find out which capital markets consulting company they should choose. It’s not that video is the future, it’s that video is one form of content production that’s available for you to leverage today, and if you mix it with other forms, you might find it easier to capture the attention of your target audience and present a solid brand image.

Video Editing

Our video experts have been working in FS for over four years. Whether you need colour correcting, post-sound, or to have your footage shaped into a story that resonates, we’re here to help.

Video Marketing

We can help you create a strategy that fits in with your wider content efforts to ensure you get the most reach, leads, and growth for your video budget. We can then help you execute that vision, either with online already-available assets, or by working with you in person in London to create footage your clients will love.

Social Media Designs

Don’t let your articles go to waste. We take snippets of content and use them to create designs your target audience will love. Generally, we can create three snippets from one article.

Boost Your Content Strategy with Video & Social Media Designs

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