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Along with content writing, content strategy, and SEO-driven article services, we also offer content services for ebooks and whitepapers.

We write the content, do the research, and put together the designs to give you the perfect lead magnet ready to attract your target buyers.


eBooks are enjoyable, digital pieces of content that can be downloaded and read on a phone, tablet, or laptop. They’ll usually share insights and stories.

We write and create eBooks for financial services businesses, ranging from short two pagers, up to full eBooks to be sold online.


A white paper is an informative document that highlights the specific features of a product or service. The goal behind distributing this document is to educate potential clients and convince them to reach out to you for more details. There are three primary types of white papers:

  • Backgrounders: Provide insight into the technical features of a product or service
  • Numbered lists: Highlight critical takeaways of a product or service (may have titles like “10 Tips for X” or “3 Questions to Ask About Y”)
  • Problem/Solution papers: Identify a specific problem and provide an argument for how your product or service could be the solution

We perform relevant research, write the copy, and put together the design for your whitepapers.

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