Insights, not Fluff

Content in the financial services and tech industries has gotten really boring. It’s driven by search engines, filled with fluff, and often gives you the feeling the writer didn’t really know what they were talking about.

We do things differently. We start with you.

Your audience. Your data. Your insights.

Then we write with personality and flair so that your B2B audience don’t mind dedicating half an hour of their personal time to hearing what you have to say.

Our services include:

Content Writing

We’re industry experts.

Content Strategy

With actual insights.

Digital Literature

Let’s build your content engine.

Content Writing

Creating financial articles is our bread and butter here at FinTech Content. To establish a long-lasting and effective online presence, your first essential task is to load your website with valuable content.

The best way to do this? Through a blog!

Using our knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing, we create well-formatted articles that appeal to your target audiences, because: 

  • Web content significantly affects your ranking on Google and other search engines

  • Your customers look to your web content to determine if you are the right choice for them

  • Quality web content helps you to establish credibility and online authority in your industry

Content Strategy

Develop a resilient and reliable approach to content marketing by implementing a strategy proven to actually work. We look at your current marketing strategy, how that’s working for you, who your audience are, and what your goals are, before going away and putting together a strategy that will drive real results.

eBooks and Whitepapers

To take your online credibility to the next level, our team at FinTech Content also offers content services for creating high-value eBooks and whitepapers.

Publishing eBooks and whitepapers is critical for establishing expertise, achieving higher conversion rates, and generating new leads.

We help you build a stronger brand image with out end-to-end eBook service, which includes design. 

Design and Graphics

Along with writing text content, we also provide design and graphics services to ensure your content is as visually appealing as possible.

We help you to maintain consistent branding that adds greater value to your content.

Video Marketing

Level up your content marketing with video. From colour correction and general editing to helping you put together a video strategy, we’re here to help publish video content that will keep your buyer’s eyes glued to the screen.