Categories: Fintech Marketing

by deborah


Categories: Fintech Marketing

by deborah


How to Get the Most Out of Your Fintech Marketing Agency

Did you know that 75% of global consumers have adopted some form of payment-related fintech service?

Consumers around the world are paying more attention to fintech than ever before. According to Plaid’s 2022 Consumer Survey: The Fintech Effect, 61% of consumers use fintech to help weather and overcome economic challenges.

As fintech continues to become a more prominent figure in the daily lives of consumers, fintech companies must achieve the ideal marketing approach to attract those consumers.

Fintech marketing agencies offer fintech companies the opportunity to optimize their marketing strategy without piling more work onto their business teams. To get the most out of a fintech marketing agency, it is essential to set clear goals and priorities with your agency.

This article explores what a fintech marketing agency is and provides you with five key tips for getting the most out of the agency of your choice.

What is a Fintech Marketing Agency?

A fintech marketing agency is just like any other marketing agency, except for one key difference — a professional specialization in the fintech industry.

The fintech industry is a diverse business landscape complete with many different niches. As a result, using a standard marketing strategy is not always the best approach for fintech companies.

For example, imagine you run a fintech company that offers payment orchestration services to e-Commerce platforms. If you adopt a marketing strategy that targets consumers, you are less likely to attract the right clients you need for your services to be successful.

Instead, you would want a marketing strategy that focuses on B2B client attraction.

By working with a fintech marketing agency, you can alleviate the headache of figuring out the right approach to your marketing strategy. An agency can help you to identify and attract your target audience, as well as discover the ideal channels for reaching this audience.

Plus, partnering with a fintech marketing agency eliminates the need for in-house marketing.

In turn, you can save more time, money, and resources by relying on a partnership with a fintech marketing agency instead.

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Fintech Marketing Agency

Choosing to partner with a fintech marketing agency for your marketing agency is a big step.

Though this type of partnership can be tremendously useful, it is still critically important for you to be an active participant in the process. To get the most out of your marketing agency, you need to know what types of guidelines and goals to set.

Here are five key tips for optimizing your partnership with a fintech marketing agency:

1. Provide Clear Business Objectives

Your marketing agency can only help you with as much as you allow them to.

When first starting your agency partnership, it is crucial to set clear business objectives that you hope to achieve through the partnership. These should be overarching goals that you hope to consistently achieve over a long period of time, such as:

  • Generating new business leads
  • Attracting new customers and clients
  • Conducting market research on target consumers
  • Increasing revenue via digital channels

Think of your objectives as your end goals and ask yourself what your core reason is for partnering with a fintech marketing agency.

2. Outline & Update Short-Term Goals

Your business objectives are equivalent to your long-term goals, but these are not the only goals to set.

It is highly important to also set short-term goals that help you measure the success of your marketing efforts along the way. For instance, if your long-term objective is to generate new business leads, you short-term goals that you set with your agency could include:

  • Creating high-value content to use as lead generators
  • Building an email list and newsletter to keep in touch with prospects
  • Raising brand awareness via social media posts and interactions

As you create these short-term goals, it is also key to provide clear timeframes for when you hope to accomplish each goal. This gives your agency a better understanding of the scope of each marketing campaign or strategy they develop with you.

3. Focus on Simplicity & Understandability

The products, services, and solutions offered by fintech companies can often be complex in nature.

As such, before you begin any new marketing campaign, it can be incredibly helpful to first meet with your marketing agency and discuss the products and solutions you want to promote.

Working with a fintech marketing agency makes this easier, as the agency is likely to already have a professional background in fintech. Regardless, it is still key to make sure the agency has a good understanding of what your business offers and how your products work.

Think of it like this — if you are aiming to attract non-fintech businesses or average consumers, using a ton of fintech jargon and lingo won’t be as effective, as these audiences won’t have as deep an understanding of fintech as you or your marketing agency.

This is where your fintech marketing agency comes in.

Ideally, your agency should have an in-depth understanding of what you are offering. The agency can then use this knowledge to simplify your value proposition and make it more appealing and relatable to your target audience.

4. Prioritize Personalization & Customer Segmentation

When choosing a fintech marketing agency to work with, two of the top marketing services to look for are personalization and customer segmentation.

So, when setting your business objectives and goals with a marketing agency, make sure to let the agency know that you want to prioritize personalization and customer segmentation in your campaigns.

Personalization and customer segmentation allow you to separate your entire audience into smaller sub-groups based on their interests, behaviors, location, and other key factors. By doing so, you can create marketing campaigns that are highly tailored to each specific customer.

Utilizing personalized marketing helps you not only attract specific types of customers but also makes those customers feel cared for, inspiring them to work with you.

5. Opt for Consistent Branding

The final tip for getting the most out of your fintech marketing agency is to use consistent branding.

Working with a fintech marketing agency can be an exciting time. Having marketing experts on your side can help you to experiment with your branding and find the right approach for boosting brand awareness.

However, it is important to not forget your audience in all the marketing commotion.

As you work to improve your brand’s marketing strategy, you should emphasize the importance of consistency with your agency. This can be as simple as using the same color schemes across all marketing materials and ensuring your social media handles all match.

Experimentation can be excellent for finding effective new marketing tactics but your brand should always remain accessible and recognizable to your audience.

A truly effective fintech marketing agency should recognize the importance of this consistency and help you in creating a brand image that you are satisfied with and ready to commit to long-term.

Key Takeaways: Finding Your Ideal Fintech Marketing Agency

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