Categories: Fintech Marketing

by deborah


Categories: Fintech Marketing

by deborah


How to Choose the Right FinTech Marketing Agency for Your Business

One of the top priorities for businesses across any industry is to get the word out. Especially in saturated and expanding industries like Fintech, businesses have to do more to cut through the noise and be seen. When it comes to picking the right Fintech marketing agency, it is important to not just pick any agency you come across. Each marketing agency has a specific area of expertise and caters to a portfolio of clients, usually in similar industries, and it could be worth taking a look at which firm is most suited for your needs.

Here are some helpful tips in getting started with the right Fintech marketing agency for your business.

Watch how they market themselves

There are a range of services that fall under the marketing umbrella. It is crucial to understand what each one does and how they can bring value to your business. Then, search for agencies that provide these services and use them as a case study.

Do they market their services in the way they are planning to market yours? For instance, if you’re looking to hire a social media agency, look for firms with a strong social media presence. Likewise, if you’re hiring a content agency, take a look at their content marketing strategies. Do they post blogs every week? How do they present themselves on various channels? What they do for themselves acts as an indicator for what they can do for you.

Can you try them out, or will you be tied into a contract for life?

While past case studies are a good representation of an agency’s expertise, there is a chance that your FinTech business may not have the same experience as other clients. Each company differs from the next, and it is important that your agency choice is a good fit. Agencies are particular to each client, and they recognize that you have your own branding and your own voice.

Make sure you find an agency that lets you see some of their services in relation to you before tying into a long-term contract. For example, if you’re looking to engage a social media manager to manage your Instagram account, they should create a few mockups. This provides a trial run for you to clearly visualize how it’ll look after you sign up.

Do they have experience as a FinTech Marketing Agency?

Consumers across industries have their own specific preferences, demands and behavior. With that in mind, engaging just about any marketing agency will not guarantee success if they do not have experience in the industry. During the initial meeting, ask some questions about their areas of specialization, and any case studies to support this. Can they show you their past work with FinTech clients? Fintech and financial markets are a niche field, and depending on the company, can also be heavily guarded by regulation.

Without the right understanding of the landscape and environment, marketing campaigns could end up missing the mark and not hitting the right target audience. For instance, a marketing agency that specializes in beauty products would not necessarily know the best way to implement a Fintech marketing strategy. The agency you are speaking to should be able to show you that they have a strong understanding and previous experience, specifically in FinTech.

Their prices match with your budget

It is crucial to pick a Fintech digital marketing agency that fits your budget. It is also vital that you are able to see the value of their services and justify the prices they are quoting. Initially, many agencies will quote exorbitant fees, and you might start to feel like there’s no hope.

To ensure that you find the right agency, it can be worth taking the time to do your research and look at multiple options. There are a range of agencies that charge a range of prices, and it’s not true that the more expensive ones are always better. On the flip side, picking an agency based on them charging cheap prices is also not the best option. This could result in conflict, sloppy work, or just unfamiliarity with the industry.

To start off, create a rough marketing plan that includes marketing budget and goals, which can be refined later on. After you have a budget that works well for your organization, it will be easier to find an agency that will work within those costs. Trust is also an important factor, so ensure that communication is laid out clearly to define these costs and objectives.

Choosing the right Fintech marketing agency can be a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be. Looking at it strategically and following these tips will give you a good headstart into the search process to find the best professionals that can help you achieve success.