Categories: Fintech Marketing

by deborah


Categories: Fintech Marketing

by deborah


Digital Transformation: The FinTech Marketing Perspective

Digital has essentially become the front door or access point of every single business over the last decade or so. As human behavior adapted and changed with the transformation of technology, businesses were able to adapt to the global pandemic as digital became the only option.

However, some businesses were already two steps ahead as they had always delivered a digital-first experience. They were far better equipped to make minor changes to continue the ball rolling. The way people interact with brands they trust is always about seamless, friction-free, and fast support.

We see this with platforms such as Amazon, Google, Instagram, and Facebook.

A New Era of Digital

The way businesses have had to adapt to big changes in previous years has pushed technology to its limits at times. We are seeing far less marketing via posters and other physical forms and more of a digital marketing experience. This has proven to be rather fruitful.

Fintech companies looking to leverage marketing in particular have been able to rapidly adhere to this. They are able to use a brand-new playbook to build experiences and accelerate their time at increasingly fast rates.

FinTech Marketing Digital Transformation

Creating a digital experience for customers by leveraging digital transformation has been a great step to success for FinTech businesses. However, being able to successfully adhere to this is all about adhering to the likes, disliked, needs, and wants of customers.

You need to envision what a better experience would look like to your customers. Then, it is all about finding the right tools to build that experience.

A Digital Transformation Needs a Good Digital Strategy

It is often impossible to execute an effective to digital transformation without forming a decent strategy. Before your Fintech company even writes a single line of code, a digital strategy should be in place, even if it is basic.

At the very least, the answers to these questions should be clear:

  • What are the psychological barriers for users to sign up?
  • What problem/s are you solving?
  • Why is your FinTech the solution your users need?
  • Who has the problem you’re solving?
  • When do they have this problem?
  • How does your FinTech add value?

Knowing the exact answers to these questions can help you develop a basic yet useful digital strategy.

The Bottom Line

Digital transformation during the pandemic has made it possible for many businesses to create a new front door for their business: digital! When used to the best of your abilities, it is possible to see great success within your business.

Consider engaging a FinTech marketing company for help during this massive digital transformation we are still seeing at this point in time. It will help you clarify your journey, develop clear and measurable objectives, and teach you how to navigate this change.