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Categories: Marketing Strategy

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Top 5 Insurance Marketing Agencies

As an insurance provider, it is crucial for you to stay connected with your existing customers while also searching for new ways to expand your business.

With the help of an insurance marketing agency, insurance providers can stay ahead of the marketing curve and maintain their competitive edge. Insurance marketing agencies help to attract more customers through the use of written content, videos, social media engagement, and other marketing tools.

In this guide, we will cover what an insurance marketing agency is and what key services one can provide. Plus, we will discuss 5 of the top insurance marketing agencies in 2022!

What is an Insurance Marketing Agency?

An insurance marketing agency is a type of marketing business specialized specifically in the technicalities of insurance.

These types of marketing agencies will often overlap with the Fintech industry, helping insurance companies to make better use of emerging technologies within their marketing strategies. A good insurance marketing agency will provide services such as:

  • Content Marketing: Content creation has become a giant and massively important element in any digital marketing strategy. Content can encompass everything from blog articles and social media posts to whitepapers, case studies, and press releases.
  • Advertising: Advertising can be a struggle, especially in this increasingly digital age when the best advertisement methods are constantly evolving. With the help of an insurance marketing agency, you can stay on top of the advertising trends.
  • Marketing Management: To get the most out of a marketing agency, insurance companies should look for agencies that offer end-to-end marketing management. This ensures all your marketing needs are met by a team of specialized experts who understand the insurance industry’s complexities.

The Top 5 Insurance Marketing Agencies in 2022

If you are an insurance company looking for the right marketing agency partner in 2022, look no further!

Here are the top 5 insurance marketing agencies in 2022:

1. Fintech Content Ltd.

Who They Are: Fintech Content Ltd. are specialists in the Fintech industry, aiming to bring marketing and content services to the financial industry that are high quality, cost-effective, and accessible.

What They Offer: The services offered by Fintech Content Ltd. to insurance companies include content writing, video production, podcast management, end-to-end marketing, and whitepapers.

How to Get Started: To get in contact with Fintech Content Ltd., visit their contact page that includes a fill-in contact form, an email address, and a LinkedIn profile link.

2. Agency Marketing Machine

Who They Are: Agency Marketing Machine (AMM) is a marketing agency that is specialized specifically in helping insurance companies. AMM’s team is based out of Miami, FL, but the agency works with AMM client offices all around the U.S.

What They Offer: AMM offers a wide range of marketing services including digital presence, community involvement, public relations campaigns, brand identity, monthly publications, and email & text campaigns.

How to Get Started: Get in touch with AMM by visiting their contact page to fill out their form or to schedule a demo discovery call.

3. Agency Tsunami

Who They Are: Agent Tsunami is a marketing agency for insurance companies that offers fully-integrated and customized solutions. The agency is a part of Neilson Marketing Services, which has been working in the marketing industry for 25+ years.

What They Offer: Agent Tsunami offers 3 core services – social marketing, web design, and search strategy.

How to Get Started: Get started with Agent Tsunami today by visiting their contact page, which contains their California office address, phone number, email address, and a contact form.

4. Cardinal Digital Marketing

Who They Are: Cardinal Digital Marketing is a marketing agency that specializes in local digital marketing for insurance companies. Rather than spreading out its services between many different marketing strategies, Cardinal focuses on digital marketing strategies that drive growth.

What They Offer: Cardinal’s digital marketing services include SEO, PPC management, Facebook advertising, programmatic display advertising, and conversion rate optimization.

How to Get Started: Get in contact with Cardinal Digital Marketing by filling out their contact form.

5. Insurance Marketing Partners

Who They Are: Insurance Marketing Partners is focused on providing independent insurance agents with the specialized marketing support they need.

What They Offer: The services offered by Insurance Marketing Partners include agency websites, strategic planning, local SEO, social marketing, email marketing, data analytics, and one-on-one strategy sessions.

How to Get Started: To get in touch with Insurance Marketing Partners, visit their contact page and fill out their contact form.