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3 Things Banks Can Do To Succeed With Content Marketing

Content marketing plays an essential role in banking today. Whether retail, capital markets, or wealth management, banks can benefit from a range of exciting strategies and tools to boost their content marketing and increase market share. Here are three things your bank can start doing today to help you succeed in content marketing.

Publish Case Studies

Every company knows to publish case studies on a dedicated case study page, but expanding your case study distribution to your blog, social media channels and re-targeting adverts is a great way to boost your content marketing. Case studies come in at a variety of marketing funnel levels, and help bring your buyer much closer to the purchase end of your funnel.

Leverage videos, short testimonial snippets and longer form case studies across a variety of channels. Use Canva to create graphic images with bite-sized pieces of your case study displayed in a way that draws attention, and publish across LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Use a specialized writer to ensure your case studies are coming across well.

Case studies are great for both B2C and B2B. If you’re working in B2B banking, create case studies with the help of your delivery team. If clients aren’t happy to have their name included in your case studies, see if you can use descriptive terms, such as “Tier 1 Consulting Firm”, or “2nd largest food delivery company in the UK”.

If you’re working on B2C marketing, reach out to your customers, or the customer service team, to see if there’s anyone who would be interested in being included on your socials. Also, keep an eye out for any fans of your brand by leveraging social listening tools. When you find someone who’s posted favorable comments, images or videos about your brand, reach out to them and see if they’d be open to helping you put together a case study or testimonial.

Hone in Your Targeting

You can’t sell everything to everyone. Marketers are already well aware of this. The same applies to your content marketing. Create three buyers’ personas that you will target with your content. Then put together a monthly content strategy that includes the titles and secondary titles of each article. Do the same with videos and social media.

Choose your channels carefully, if you market everywhere, you risk spreading yourself too thin. Is your audience on TikTok, or YouTube? Twitter, or LinkedIn? Make sure every piece of content speaks to them clearly.

Provide Valuable Insights

Once you’ve put your targeting together, find out what interests them, and how your business can provide insights into those interests.

These insights can also be a way to put to rest some of your audiences’ common concerns or questions. Financial marketers, in particular, can reap a lot of rewards from simplifying their processes and pain points for potential customers, giving them the chance to understand your business.

Partner with the Right Agency for Content Marketing for Banks

Struggling with content marketing? Don’t have the time to put regular videos, blogs and whitepapers together? We help banks by providing a cost-effective content marketing monthly subscription packages. Get in touch today to see how one of our packages can help boost your content marketing.