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Why Should FinTech Businesses Share Educational Content?

New research shows that consumers are 131 percent more likely to buy from a company after consuming educational content during the early stages of their buying journey!

All kinds of businesses, including those in the FinTech sector, can benefit from sharing educational content with their audiences.

Below, we discuss the top six reasons why FinTech businesses, in particular, should prioritize educational content in their marketing strategy. We’ll also share examples of educational content you can create today.

Reason 1: Enhanced Trust and Credibility

Publishing educational content shows your target audience that you know what you’re talking about. Sharing relevant and easy-to-understand information about the FinTech world, in particular, is beneficial because a lot of people don’t understand it.

Remember that educational content helps to plant seeds for future purchases, too. The more educated your audience is about your industry and the specific services you offer, the more inclined they will be to trust you (and work with you) when they need those services in the future.

Reason 2: More Website Traffic

People are likely to come across your educational content when they’re already looking for answers online.

Say someone is searching for help with a problem related to online banking, retirement savings, or cryptocurrency. If a blog post or video from your business pops up that seems like it contains answers to their questions, they’ll likely click on the link and head to your website.

More website traffic boosts your business’s search engine ranking. It also increases the likelihood that it will appear on more search engine results pages (which further encourages traffic increases moving forward).

Reason 3: More Customer Interactions

Publishing educational content also encourages more interaction and engagement from your target customers.

If someone reads a blog post and finds it helpful, or if they have a follow-up question, they might leave a comment or send you a message. This action on their end opens the door for more in-depth conversations, more opportunities to educate, and more opportunities to build strong relationships.

Reason 4: Improved Lead Generation Efforts

Educating your audience helps to turn them into qualified leads.

The more a person knows about a particular issue and what your business does, the more likely they are to not only reach out.

Furthermore, because they already understand your company’s services and how they can benefit from them, there’s a greater chance that they’ll follow through and become paying customers.

Reason 5: Increased Customer Loyalty

When it comes to money-related matters, people want to work with businesses they know they can trust.

If you build a reputation for providing valuable, educational content and beneficial services, you’ll see an uptick in repeat customers and overall retention. Once people know they can trust your FinTech business and rely on the services you offer, they won’t want to bother starting over with another company.

You may also find that your existing customers are referring their friends and family to you, which further helps to grow your business (without you spending more time and money on marketing efforts).

Reason 6: Higher Revenue

Naturally, better lead generation efforts, more sales, and increased customer loyalty will lead to higher revenues for your FinTech business and greater profitability.

Initially, you might hesitate to spend time and resources creating educational content because you worry that it takes away from other aspects of your business.

This concern is understandable. However, if educational content marketing helps you convert more customers or clients, though, isn’t it worth the upfront investment?

Keep in mind, too, that you can also outsource educational content marketing to a third-party agency. With their help, you will enjoy all the benefits listed above without taking time away from your other responsibilities.

Educational Content Examples

Are you convinced that educational content marketing can benefit your FinTech business? Are you unsure of how to start incorporating this kind of content into your current strategy?

Here are four examples of educational content you can start creating today:

Blog Posts

Blog posts are some of the most popular options for educational content marketing. You can write blog posts on a variety of topics, from the top online banking platforms to the best investment apps for beginners.

When thinking of blog topics (or topics for any kind of content), always consider the questions your target audience is likely to ask. Then, write a post that answers that question and positions your business’s services as a solution.

How-To Guides

If you want to dive deeply into a specific topic or provide more practical advice for your customers, consider writing some how-to guides.

How-to guides are often longer than a typical blog post since they feature detailed instructions on accomplishing a specific task, making them extra valuable to your audience. You could even offer your guide as a free download in exchange for a potential customer’s email address or other contact information.


Infographics are images that break down complex information with the help of pictures, graphs, etc. You can include infographics in blog posts to summarize the most relevant details, or you can share them on social media to drive more traffic to your website and expand your online presence.


Much of the educational content on the internet these days is written (blogs, guides, etc.). However, you can also educate your target customers via video.

Consider creating videos to branch out and reach a different segment of your audience. As a bonus, you can also break videos down into smaller clips and share them on social media.

Need Help with Educational Content Marketing?

Educational content empowers your audience, adds credibility to your FinTech business, and helps to increase leads and conversions.

From blogs to videos, there are lots of ways you can educate your target customers, expand your business’s online presence, and stand out from the competition.

Do you need help creating educational blogs or other types of marketing content? If so, FinTech Content Marketing is here for you.

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