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by deborah


Categories: Fintech Content

by deborah


What Is FinTech Content Mileage and Why Does It Matter?

You pump out new content multiple times per week. You dedicate hours to writing blog posts, designing infographics, and recording videos — but you’re still not seeing results.

Sometimes, less is more.

Does this mean you should stop creating content? Definitely not. However, it does mean you may need to start making content mileage more of a priority.

Never heard of content mileage or how it can benefit your FinTech business? Find answers to these and other essential questions below.

What Is FinTech Content Mileage?

Content mileage refers to the longevity of your marketing content (blogs, videos, etc.). It often involves repurposing existing content to present it to your audience in a new way.

For example, say your FinTech business published a blog post about choosing a personal budgeting app. To increase the mileage of that post, you might break down each tip into a different social media post or short video.

In this situation, you’re still creating new content. However, you’re not starting from scratch, which means you can put out the latest iteration sooner.

Why Does Content Mileage Matter?

When you focus on increasing content mileage, you, your team, and your entire FinTech business benefit. The following are some of the top reasons to prioritize it:

Increase Your Reach

Different content types appeal to different people. Some have no interest in reading a blog post but will gladly watch a video, and others love looking at infographics but don’t care about videos.

When you repurpose content into different formats, you increase your reach and give more people opportunities to learn about your business and its products or services.

Boost Audience Engagement

In addition to reaching more people, you also create more opportunities for engagement when you repurpose existing content. More engagement sends positive signals to online algorithms and helps you get in front of an even larger audience.

In the same way that some people prefer reading blogs over watching videos, people also prefer commenting on some types of content more than others. Maybe your blogs don’t get a lot of engagement, but your social media infographics do.

Save Money

As a FinTech professional, you know the value of saving money. You should also know that it costs less to repurpose existing content than to create something from scratch, meaning you can spend less on marketing and more on other crucial aspects of the business.

Save Time

It takes less time to repurpose content in a new format than it does to create it from scratch, too. As a result, you can publish content more frequently, which also helps you grow your audience and connect with them on a deeper level.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Publishing more frequently and getting more engagement both help you win over search engine algorithms.

By winning over the algorithms, you can achieve a higher ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs), which encourages more people to click on your website, learn about your business, and check out your products or services.

How to Improve FinTech Content Mileage

Now that you know the value of increasing your content mileage, it’s time to start repurposing what you have. Here are some tips to help you get more out of your existing FinTech content:

Change the Medium

The easiest way to repurpose content is to change the medium.

Take a blog post and use it to create a series of videos. Take the audio from a video and publish it as a podcast. Use the data from a blog to design an infographic — the options are practically endless.

Try the Hub and Spoke Approach

The hub and spoke approach involves creating a piece of long-form, evergreen content (which serves as the hub) and then using that piece as the foundation for a variety of shorter pieces adapted to various platforms and audiences.

A long-form piece of content may take longer to develop, but it will also give you plenty of inspiration for the future. You can use key points from the initial piece as the subjects for different posts, videos, etc.

Since you’ve already done the initial research when creating the hub, you won’t have to do as much heavy lifting for the spokes.

Update Older Content

You can also increase content mileage by updating older pieces with new information, statistics, images, etc.

By ensuring they stay relevant, you encourage people to continue clicking and engaging with the piece. Ongoing clicks and engagement, in turn, allow for increased visibility, website traffic, and overall business growth.

Expand Short-Form Content

In addition to breaking up long-form content using a hub and spoke approach, you can also expand short-form content.

Maybe you have a series of short blog posts that touch on individual ideas. Use them as jumping-off points for other types of content.

One way to do this is by thinking about questions people might have after reading that initial post, then answering each of those questions in a new one. You can also use questions people have left behind on the blog or social media.

Create a Content Series

Consider developing a series of blog posts, videos, social media posts, etc., that build off of each other. A series will encourage people to come back for more and continue engaging with you long-term.

Be sure to include internal links to past posts, too, to improve your search engine ranking by keeping people on the website longer.

Regularly Reference Content Metrics

When deciding what kind of content to create, reference past content metrics.

Pay attention to the content that performs the best (such as videos or blog posts) and prioritize that type moving forward.

That doesn’t mean you should neglect other content types. However, you should make the ones that perform the best the center of your campaigns.

Increase Your FinTech Content Mileage Today

Instead of producing endless amounts of content, start increasing your content mileage with the tips discussed above.

Do you want to enhance your content and increase your FinTech content mileage further? If so, FinTech Content has got you covered.

Get in touch today to find out what we can do for you.