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Should You Use an AI Bot to Write Your Financial Services Content?

From customer service to data management, artificial intelligence (AI) shows up in business operations in a variety of ways. Some companies even use AI bots to handle their content writing projects.

Should you use an AI bot to write your financial services content? AI technology is more sophisticated than ever, but most professionals agree that it still pales in comparison to partnering with a human writer.

Below, you’ll learn the pros and cons of writing with AI bots so you can make the right decision for your FinTech company.

AI Bot Content Writing Basics

AI writing bots are a type of software designed to generate all kinds of content — blog posts, landing pages, emails, and even novels.

AI writing software generates text based on the user’s input. These tools “learn” from the humans who use them and continually adjust the content produced by analyzing and adapting to the user’s information.

Benefits of Using an AI Bot to Write Content

AI bots offer some benefits to business owners and marketers who need help with content creation. They can make the writing process more efficient and can assist with tedious tasks like checking for plagiarism, searching for grammatical and punctuation errors, and offering on-page optimization suggestions.

Despite these perks, it’s important to note that AI bots are not a replacement for human writers. Bots can make human writers’ jobs easier or help them get through projects faster. However, they aren’t yet sophisticated enough to stand in for them completely.

Why Human Writers Produce Better Content

Most professionals who have experimented with both options agree that human writers consistently produce higher-quality content compared to AI bots. Here are some specific reasons why you shouldn’t give up on real writers just yet:

More Complexity

Content written by AI bots often lacks the depth and complexity that a skilled human writer can bring to a blog post or eBook.

There are certainly benefits to simplicity when it comes to creating content that a wide range of readers can understand.

However, if the content is too straightforward, it might not provide the kind of detail or analysis that helps readers derive value from it. It’ll feel basic and won’t tell them anything new or offer a unique perspective on a topic.

Better Audience Understanding

It’s easier for humans to evaluate and understand your company’s target audience.

To create quality content, you must know your audience — their age, gender, interests, income level, shopping habits, etc. AI bots can’t tailor content to different audiences in the same way experienced human content writers can.

Without tailored content that considers the audience’s unique characteristics, you’ll struggle to connect with them and encourage them to learn more about your financial services business.

Less Repetition

AI-generated content is often highly repetitive. If your blog posts or eBooks deliver the same message over and over again in slightly different ways, you’re not providing a lot of value to your audience.

A lack of value will lead to your audience looking elsewhere for financial services content. It can also impact your FinTech company’s search engine ranking, making it harder for new people to find your business and learn about your offerings.

More Distinct Tone/Style

The tone of an article written by an AI bot will likely sound, for lack of a better word, robotic. Part of what keeps people coming back to a particular business’s website or blog is the distinct personality and style featured in its content.

If there’s nothing special about your writing, people won’t choose your content over someone else’s — which also means they probably won’t choose your business over one of your competitors.

More Emotion and Creativity

Similarly, content written by an AI bot typically lacks emotion and creativity.

Even if you’re writing about a relatively dry topic, you — or another skilled content writer — can find a way to add feeling and address it from a new and exciting angle. AI writing bots, in general, aren’t sophisticated enough to do this.

Reduced Bias Risk

The content created by an AI bot is only as good as the information fed to the bot. In other words, if you use AI writing software and input biased or inaccurate data, the content you create will also be biased or even untrue.

Publishing this type of content hurts your business’s reputation. It also decreases the likelihood that people will choose to work with your FinTech company.

Need Help with FinTech Content Marketing?

There are some benefits of using an AI bot to write your financial services content. However, human writers still outshine them and can help you achieve your content marketing goals sooner.

Do you need help creating a solid content marketing strategy for your FinTech company? If so, FinTech content is here for you.

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