How To Use Content Marketing To Build An Experience

Content marketing serves a number of important functions for financial markets businesses. From generating traffic, to aiding SEO, to building a trusted audience, your content speaks volumes about who you are as a company. But how can you use content to build a strong customer experience? Here are two tips for building positive experiences for your customers.

Use brand archetypes to create positive experiences for your customers

Create an experience your customers can live through that resonates with them. Great content, whether in literature or marketing, builds a story that centers your reader as the main character.

A common misconception brands come across when deciding on and leveraging a brand archetype is thinking their brand is the main character. The main character is your buyer, you are the supporting character that is going to help them along their journey.

When considering the role content can play in creating a positive experience for your customer, consider who you want to be in their journey. For example, the magician archetype can be seen in examples across literature such as Dumbledore or Gandalf.

In the first instance, Harry is the main character, Dumbledore is the supporting role. Consider how Dumbledore aided Harry’s journey, and you’ll find clues as to how you can build such an experience.

Dumbledore makes the impossible possible, while giving the main characters the ability to resolve problems for themselves. One use of content marketing as a magician archetype would be to provide hacks or tricks that your customer can use in their workplace/everyday life that help clarify something for them. Here, you give them something they can use over and over, and ensure they’ll think of you every time they do.

Create videos that elicit an emotional response from your buyers

Create an experience for your buyers by showing them one.

Videos can be used in a range of exciting ways, but the most successful one has always been eliciting an emotional response. Reminding your buyers what’s important to them will help strengthen customer loyalty and build a brand people remember.

Whether the emotion is courage or nostalgia, connecting your brand with strong emotions is a great marketing technique. Think of an emotion you’d like connected with your brand, then consider an experience your buyer has likely lived through that brought out that emotion, then show them that experience again through the eyes of a camera with video.

For example, your audience may be mothers between the ages of 35 and 50. The emotion you may like to connect with could be one of love. You could use a video of the first moments after childbirth, or a video of a child on their first day of school waving goodbye. Whatever you choose, truly knowing your audience is the first step to creating a video that will resonate with them.

Film and video have played a strong role in the arts for almost a century now, yet marketers still have a long way to go to take full advantage of these incredible tools. The most common reason for not producing brand videos is time and budget.

That’s why we include regular videos in many of our monthly content subscriptions, enabling you to make the most of effective content marketing, without the huge price tag that usually follows.

Get in touch today to discuss one of our monthly packages, and we’ll show you how we can help your brand connect with buyers by using video.