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by deborah


Categories: Fintech Content

by deborah


4 fintech newsletters to subscribe to in 2023

As a financial services business owner, you’re busy. You probably start working on your to-do list from the moment you wake up to the moment your head hits the pillow.

When are you supposed to find time to read the news and find out what’s going on in your industry?

Fintech newsletters are an excellent option for those who want to stay informed but don’t have time to read lengthy articles.

You can choose from a wide range of newsletters that deliver relevant stories straight to your inbox. How do you know which ones to subscribe to, though?

If you’re not sure where to start, check out the four fintech newsletters discussed below.

1. Fintech Content

Fintech Content is a marketing agency (and the sister company of Fintech Marketing). It’s also the result of a lack of beneficial marketing services specifically geared toward businesses in the financial services industry.

Many financial services businesses use marketing tactics that are dull and forgettable. Fintech Content strives to change that by producing high-quality, engaging, and relevant marketing content, including blog posts, videos, podcasts, and social media posts. They also assist with search engine optimization (SEO) and content strategy.

About the Newsletter

The Fintech Content newsletter supplies financial services business owners and marketers with the latest fintech content marketing and branding insights.

If you want to learn the best ways to improve your search engine ranking or enhance your digital media strategy, the Fintech Content newsletter delivers the answers you need.

You don’t need to attend hours-long seminars or dedicate weeks to content marketing courses to discover how to build your business. Fintech Content provides the most critical information in bite-size chunks.

This newsletter features actionable tips, links to the agency’s latest blog posts for more in-depth news, and case studies to help you see how other businesses are transforming their methods to build brand awareness and gain more clients.

2. Fintech Collective

Fintech Collective is a venture capital firm that partners with financial services business founders who demonstrate vision, persistence, and a “desire to reshape markets.” If you run a financial services or fintech startup, keeping an eye on news from a firm like Fintech Collective can help you understand what you need to do to get more funding to rebuild your business.

About the Newsletter

The Fintech Collective newsletter makes it easy for you to stay informed about the latest market developments. It also offers analysis from fintech professionals to provide more insight into what those developments mean and how they might affect you.

Fintech Collective’s weekly newsletter is delivered on Saturdays. It’s produced by the firm’s team and features a “tightly edited rundown” of the most valuable global fintech news, combined with original analysis.

Some of the most recent newsletter topics include digital currency, cannabis banking, wealth management, crypto, and online lenders like Octane.

3. Fintech Rising

Fintech Rising is a new platform (with an accompanying newsletter) produced by Canright Communications, a Chicago-based marketing agency.

The Fintech Rising news site helps finance industry workers and enthusiasts stay informed about current events, from fintech-related conferences to the most recent changes in cryptocurrency markets.

About the Newsletter

The Fintech Rising newsletter gives access to the latest stories and helps you stay in the loop without having to read long-form articles.

It specifically focuses on the “digital transformation” that financial services and money have gone through as they expand and connect with the internet, mobile devices, and other data-based systems.

4. Markets Media

Markets Media is a fintech news platform created and regularly updated by Markets Media Group (which also owns publications like Traders Magazine, Best Execution, and The Desk).

This site features content centered around institution trading and investing, specifically “where the buy side meets the sell side.” Recent articles feature topics like women in fintech and compliance within the fintech industry.

About the Newsletter

The Markets Media Newsletter provides a rundown of the latest fintech news, including information about banks, technology, and regulators. It also helps you stay in the loop about recent business acquisitions, investments, and market changes.

Markets Media does the aggregating for those who like to read about global fintech-related issues but don’t want to follow multiple publications. It collects the most important stories and sends them to your inbox for you to review at your convenience.

Subscribe to These Fintech Newsletters Today

When you need to keep your finger on the pulse of the fintech world but can’t dedicate too much time to news consumption, these four fintech newsletters are the perfect solution. They’ll help you stay informed without taking up too much of your precious time.

If you’re looking for insights that can help you build your fintech business and connect with your target audience, the Fintech Content newsletter is especially helpful. Subscribe today to see what it’s all about!