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by deborah


Why leverage a FinTech Digital Marketing Agency?

From 2019 to 2020, the global value of digital transactions grew by about $1.1 trillion. This kind of data clearly shows that FinTech is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

However, astronomic growth in value also comes with raised stakes — due to the constant appearance of innovative technologies, today’s FinTech industry is one of the most competitive markets.

That’s why plenty of early-stage company founders realize the importance of having the best possible digital media presence. Regardless of how niche your FinTech company is, there’s bound to be some competition — and only a continuous digital marketing effort can ensure you remain on top.

With that in mind, delegating FinTech digital marketing to professionals is the best course of action. And we’d happy to back up that claim by laying out some of the tangible benefits of FinTech digital marketing agencies!

Attract Leads and Close Deals with a Fintech Digital Marketing Agency

Generating new revenue streams and finding new clients is the #1 priority for all FinTech companies — it’s an equally important goal for startups and big players alike. Expansion is the only path to sustained relevance in a world of constantly rising competition.

Hiring the right FinTech digital marketing agency can mean the difference between success and failure in this endeavor, especially in providing the most impactful content for your target audience.

As a FinTech company, you want to demonstrate your niche authority to both B2C customers and B2B clients. Targeting FinTech experts with the latest news, happenings, and written guides is a great way to achieve both.

Realistically, the chances are that your company doesn’t have the internal capacity to produce relevant and in-depth content regularly. And that’s just what it takes to be competitive online.

However, a FinTech digital marketing agency can be your partner in this quest for new business. We can produce niche-specific and well-researched content that keeps drawing in members of your target audience! While you may have an excellent product or service, our FinTech digital marketing experts have the experience to create compelling content related to your industry.

Get the Right Content 

As any FinTech digital marketing agency will tell you — establishing an online presence is unavoidable if you want to achieve sustainable growth. However, for that to happen, your online presence needs to be sustainable as well.

In other words — you need to demonstrate your professionalism, knowledge, and industry relevance with a constant influx of fresh, original, and relevant content. It needs to engage potential leads and show them why your FinTech solution is the best one for their particular needs.

With that in mind, the right FinTech content marketing agency can help you produce the best written and video content.

Video content is one of the most effective ways to reach both B2B and B2C leads. The amount of video content people consume every week has doubled in the past two years — primarily due to the appearance of short-form videos (stories, reels, etc.) on social media.

These social media videos also generate the most shares — more than image and text content combined. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s no place for written work in your digital marketing strategy.

Writing articles and blog posts is important because it allows you to create something immensely effective in converting leads: evergreen content.

“Evergreen” content is just what it sounds like — content that remains relevant and informative regardless of when the reader stumbles upon it, constantly driving quality leads and traffic to your FinTech website.

An experienced FinTech digital marketing agency with niche expertise can successfully maintain evergreen content and run long-term campaigns, which is an excellent way to attract critical personas continuously.

Plus, a digital marketing agency can create a content marketing strategy that’s simultaneously informative and SEO-friendly — making the most of Google’s search results algorithms while also producing something enticing, skimmable, and readable.