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by deborah


Why Your Business Needs a FinTech Content Writer

The FinTech space is home to some of the most brilliant minds from the worlds of technology and finance. All of them have highly valuable and tech-powered financial services to offer their target audience.

However, the chase for the next round of investor funding and necessary product and service tweaks can take the spotlight from another equally important task: marketing your FinTech brand.

Why Is Content Marketing Important for FinTech Companies?

You can have the best FinTech product in your niche — you still won’t be able to enter the “big leagues” without proper marketing. For example — today, we view Stripe as one of the most prominent players in the FinTech world.

But just a decade ago, they were a little-known company seeking out venture capitalists in their bid to challenge colossal incumbents like PayPal and Google. And if they hadn’t successfully marketed themselves to investors and developers, they would never have become one of the most valuable payment companies in the world.

So, how do you establish yourself as an industry leader? Apart from creating an excellent service or product, you also need to show your target audience that you can generate value for them through actionable insights.

Constantly publishing unique content via your articles and blogs is a great way to establish your company as an industry authority. Moreover, that’s the quickest way to impress crucial decision-makers in your B2B marketing efforts.

If someone is choosing whether to use your products and services, the first thing they’ll do is look up your business. That’s why a wealth of insightful, valuable content on your website is a great first impression for them to stumble upon.

The same is true for B2C marketing — in the FinTech space, you can still expect a highly targeted and knowledgeable audience. With a very niche audience on one side and plenty of industry competitors on the other, you will need every edge you can find — and hiring the right FinTech content writers can mean just that!

FinTech is a Fiercely Competitive Space

For years now, FinTech has been perceived as one of the biggest competitors to traditional banks — with more and more companies offering advanced digital banking services. The sector is in the midst of revolutionary change, and its estimated total market worth is around $4.7 trillion.

The globalization of communication and business has allowed companies from all over the world to compete in the same space— which is why tens of thousands of FinTech startups have sprung up across the globe.

All of this paints a clear picture of a booming market. And while that’s very much the case, there’s another side to that coin: competitiveness.

With so many companies across the globe vying for the same target audience, only those that distinguish themselves as industry leaders will take the lion’s share of profits. Especially for FinTech companies, many factors determine success; but increasing your level of recognition among the general public and your target audience is one of the most important ones.

If you have a continuous online marketing campaign with top-notch FinTech content writers, you’ll be recognized as authoritative where it counts the most: on Google.

A FinTech Content Writer Can Help Navigate Google’s Search Algorithms

Did you know that 70% of all search traffic on the Internet goes through Google? That astonishing number shows just how important Google has become to any kind of digital marketing effort.

Everyone wants to be on Google’s first page of results for relevant searches — which you can see from the growth of the worldwide SEO (search engine optimization) industry, worth more than $80 billion today.

And the FinTech world is no different. From interns to the CEO, everyone will Google your company when deciding on whether to work with you. Plus, if someone is searching for the kind of products and services you can provide — you want your company to come up right away.

That’s perfectly possible — as long as you invest in a decent SEO strategy. And as any SEO expert will tell you, there’s no such thing without high-quality, original content published constantly. Maintaining a high-ranking FinTech website requires knowledgeable content writers who can produce “clickable” and targeted writing.

FinTech Content Writers Help Establish Your Brand Voice

In today’s world, it’s not enough to have a great product or services — millennial and Gen Z consumers want to connect with their brands instead of just making a simple transaction. They want their brands to have a stance on current issues, communicate with them online, and establish what’s known as “brand voice.”

And if you think that a unique brand voice is more critical for a sneaker or earphone company, you’d be wrong. This kind of thinking is not limited to consumer choices on everyday products.

Just take a look at PayPal and Elon Musk, and you’ll see enough to convince you of the need for charisma in the world of FinTech. Your company needs a personality — and that’s something FinTech content writers can help you establish as well.

Once they start working on your content, they will use it to cement your brand voice among your target audience. Whether you want to appear as a confident authority figure or a chummy friend — their writing will help you get the right vibe across.

Hiring Professionals Is The Way To Go

Naturally, there are no bigger experts on your FinTech products or services than yourself and your staff. After all, you work on them day in and day out.

But that’s just the problem — many businesses don’t have the time to work on website content as well.

However, you don’t have to rely on in-house expertise for this. Hire a fintech content writer today through us, and you’ll see just what our expert writers are capable of doing for your business!