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7 best fintech blogs to follow in 2023

The fintech (financial technology) industry is on track to grow by 20.5 per cent and reach a $699.50 billion valuation by 2030.

The fintech space is rapidly expanding and constantly changing, meaning it can be challenging to keep up with the latest news and developments. If this is an issue for you, one of the best ways to stay informed is to pick a blog or two that you check in with each day (or at least a few times per week).

Not sure which fintech blogs to follow? We’ve got you covered. Seven of the best ones are discussed below.

1. Fintech Content

No matter what kind of fintech business you run — from personal investment software to a new blockchain app — you need to know how to market your company if you want it to succeed long-term. That’s where Fintech Content’s blog comes in.

Fintech Content is a marketing agency that exclusively works with financial services businesses. They assist with content writing, content strategy, and digital media (video, podcasts, social media, etc.) and regularly publish blog posts offering advice on these and other relevant topics.

If you need help building your fintech business and standing out from the competition, be sure to add the Fintech Content blog to your reading list.

2. Fintech Review

Do you struggle to keep up with changes in the industry? If so, Fintech Review does the heavy lifting for you, providing engaging and in-depth articles on a wide range of relevant subjects, from cybersecurity to better financial mobile app design.

This blog offers insights and analysis of the latest fintech topics, as well as reviews of new products and interviews with the industry’s most prominent business leaders and entrepreneurs. You can learn from the best and discover new ways to grow your financial services business.

3. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is one of the world’s leading technology media properties. Along with the most exciting fintech news, it also features profiles of tech startups, reviews of exciting products, and breakdowns of the latest tech news.

The Fintech section of TechCrunch’s website is frequently updated with news about up-and-coming fintech brands, tips for running financial businesses more effectively, and more.

Regardless of their topic, the site’s articles often feature direct quotes from industry personalities, letting you know exactly what fintech professionals think about various issues.

4. Finovate

What do you get when you combine finance with innovation? Finovate.

Finovate’s worldwide conferences (including Finovate Spring, Finovate Fall, Finovate Europe, and Finovate Awards) showcase cutting-edge banking and financial technology. The organisation’s blog also tracks (and has done since 1994).

The blog is consistently updated with news about fintech businesses, conferences, and other events. It also offers tips for fintech professionals to help them grow their brands and make better connections.

5. FinTecBuzz

FinTecBuzz touts itself as one of the world’s leading Fintech-based media publications. It features strategic and synthesised content that helps financial professionals keep up with the constantly evolving financial ecosystem.

FinTecBuzz features a wide range of content types, from fintech live news updates and finance press releases to detailed tech articles and interviews from the world’s most prominent leaders.

In addition to offering a variety of articles and interviews, this blog also provides numerous resources for fintech professionals. If you need help with spend management, marketing, or mindset, you’ll find valuable information in the FinTecBuzz resource hub.

6. Global FinTech News

Global FinTech News is a relatively small — but still relevant — site on a mission to make it easy for you to keep up with the latest investing, tech, software, and AI-related stories.

Regardless of your involvement in the fintech world, you’ll find relevant information on this site. It caters to numerous audiences, from business owners in the fintech sector to laypeople looking for the best online bank.


Finsight is an independent media brand dedicated to providing unbiased news on financial topics, including the current financial markets, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and more. It features interviews with global experts and in-depth analyses of the latest events.

This site was launched in 2021 by Finsight Media Inc. and features a robust collection of article types. It covers everything a fintech professional might want to know, from breaking news and opinion pieces to spotlights of the latest change makers and investigations into intriguing and potentially controversial topics.

Start Following These Fintech Blogs Today

Keeping up with the latest fintech news and fintech business advice can feel like a daunting task — especially when you have a financial services business to run. If you know which news sources to follow, though, it becomes much more manageable.

It doesn’t matter if you want tips to grow your fintech business or information about the latest developments in the crypto world. You can find fintech blogs that align with your interests.

Start with the seven blogs listed in this guide!