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by deborah


Seven Signs You Should Hire a Financial Services Content Marketing Agency

You have a blog sharing financial advice, you send out an email newsletter outlining the latest market trends, and you even tried your hand at making a TikTok video to connect with young investors.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

Are you wondering if you should continue experimenting until you find something that sticks, or if you should seek a professional’s help to enhance your company’s content marketing strategy?

If you’re on the fence about hiring a professional, this guide can help to clear things up. Discover the top seven signs you need to partner with a financial services content marketing agency below.

Sign 1: You Don’t Know What Kind of Content to Publish

Creating content is difficult for any business. However, it can be especially tricky for financial services companies that cater to a very specific group of people.

If you regularly find yourself struggling to brainstorm blog ideas or film engaging videos, there’s a chance a content marketing agency could help.

By partnering with an agency that specializes in financial services companies like yours, you can collaborate with experts who know what kind of content is most popular and how to ensure your posts, videos, etc. get in front of the right audience.

Sign 2: You Struggle to Publish Content Consistently

Maybe you have lots of content ideas, but you don’t have the time to bring them to life and publish them online.

If you have a backlog of content but have a hard time posting consistently on various platforms, let a content marketing agency do the work for you.

An agency can help you create a content calendar and schedule posts so they go out at the time when your target audience — whether you cater to soon-to-be retirees, young professionals, or anyone in between — is most likely to see it.

Sign 3: You Aren’t Making Progress Toward Your Marketing Goals

Did you start the year, quarter, or month with ambitious content marketing goals? How much progress have you made toward them?

If you’re not consistently growing your audience, gaining new email list subscribers, attracting more website traffic, etc., there might be problems going on behind the scenes that you don’t know how to handle.

A financial services content marketing agency can help you audit your current approach, identify potential issues, and create a plan to correct them and get your business back on track.

Sign 4: Your Competitors Keep Outshining You

You know that your financial services are superior to your competitors, and you know you have something great to offer your prospective clients. However, you’re still getting outshined by other businesses in your industry.

In this case, collaborating with a content marketing agency for fintech companies can give you a competitive edge.

Especially if you choose an experienced financial services marketing agency, an agency can help you understand what your competitors are doing differently and come up with a unique strategy that gives you the boost you need.

Sign 5: You Don’t Know How to Use the Latest Marketing Platforms

You’ve heard of the advantages of short-form videos and the power of podcasts, but you have no idea how to use the latest platforms and connect with your target audience on the apps they use the most.

If you don’t know how to use popular platforms, or if you don’t have time to figure out the nuts and bolts, reach out to a team of content marketing professionals. It’s their job to stay informed and keep up with the trends, and they can make sure your business does, too.

Sign 6: You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Updated Your Strategy

Have you been sticking to the same content strategy since you launched your financial services business? Has it been years since you refreshed your approach or tried something new?

If you can’t remember when you last updated your strategy, it’s time to ask for an expert’s help. They can give you new ideas — and help you turn them into tangible results — that give your content the boost it needs.

Sign 7: You Don’t Have a Strategy at All

Finally, if you don’t have a strategy at all and you’ve just been winging it, it’s time to hire a financial services content marketing agency. They will work with you to build a strategy from the ground up, making sure it’s tailored to your company’s goals and helps to resolve your unique pain points.

What to Look for in a Financial Services Content Marketing Agency

Do any of the signs listed above sound familiar to you? If so, you and your staff will likely benefit from working with a financial services content marketing agency.

The following tips can help you choose the best agency for the job:

  • Consider the company’s speciality: Ideally, you’ll choose an agency that specialises in assisting financial services businesses like yours.
  • Look at their experience: How long has the agency worked with financial companies? Do they have a solid track record of producing good results for businesses in your industry?
  • Review their portfolio: Take a look at the work the agency has done for companies like yours. Is their content up to your standards? Do they appear to have a solid working knowledge of finance-related topics?
  • Request references: Find out what past clients like or dislike about an agency — and if they would recommend them to someone else.

Along with checking references, it also helps to read reviews on third-party sites. They can provide additional insights and give you a more well-rounded idea of what the agency offers (and if it will benefit your business).

Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts Today

After reading through these seven warning signs, do you think it’s time to collaborate with a financial services content marketing agency? Do you want a professional’s help but don’t know which company to call?

If you want to work with a content marketing agency that checks all the boxes shared above, we’re here to help at Fintech Content Marketing. Contact us today for more information on our services or to schedule a consultation.