Why You Should Be Publishing eBooks & Whitepapers as an FS Company

As a financial services provider, you talk to your clients often about the importance of a diversified portfolio. At Fintech Content, we understand the value of diversifying your content marketing strategy.

We recommend incorporating more in-depth resources like eBooks and white papers to see the best results from your content marketing plan. These content marketing tools can help you provide more value to your clients and encourage them to partner with your company.

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An eBook is a digital, non-editable document that your clients and website visitors can download to their computer, tablet, or smartphone. Many marketing eBooks range from 20-50 pages, but some can be over 100, depending on what information you want to include.

How to Use eBooks for Marketing

Many businesses — including financial services businesses like yours — offer eBooks as free downloads to people who sign up for their email list.

In exchange for providing an email address (which you can use for marketing endeavors), they get a helpful resource that provides them with the information they want or need.

White Papers

A white paper is an informative document that highlights the specific features of a product or service. The goal behind distributing this document is to educate potential clients and convince them to reach out to you for more details.

There are three primary types of white papers:

  • Backgrounders: Provide insight into the technical features of a product or service
  • Numbered lists: Highlight critical takeaways of a product or service (may have titles like “10 Tips for X” or “3 Questions to Ask About Y”)
  • Problem/Solution papers: Identify a specific problem and provide an argument for how your product or service could be the solution

You can use white papers similarly to eBooks and offer them as a free download in exchange for a website visitor’s email address.

Why Use eBooks and White Papers for Marketing?

eBooks and white papers are powerful lead generation and marketing tools. Here are some of the top reasons why we recommend including them in your content strategy:

Add Credibility to Your Business

It doesn’t matter if you run an accounting firm or an online bank. You need your clients to see your business as credible and trustworthy.

eBooks and white papers are long-form documents that give you more space to demonstrate your value and prove to potential clients that you genuinely know what you’re doing.

Produce Quickly and Easily

Because they are digital documents, eBooks and white papers can be produced quickly and easily.

You don’t have to worry about going back and forth with a publishing company; you can create these documents yourself or work with a content marketing agency like Fintech Content to further speed up the process.

Provide Perceived Value

The average person receives between 100 and 120 emails per day (not including spam)!

People are more hesitant to give their email addresses to just anyone these days. However, if they know they’re getting a high-value item (such as an eBook or white paper that provides in-depth information) in exchange for their contact details, they may be more willing to share their address with you.

Encourage Additional Engagement

One of the keys to boosting your website’s search engine ranking is increasing dwell time. Internal links to other pages on your website help to extend dwell time and keep people around longer.

You can include internal links in eBooks and white papers (just like you would with a blog post), allowing for additional engagement and more opportunities to highlight what makes your business unique.

Showcase Relevant, Original Research

eBooks and white papers give you a place to share your research and talk about what you’ve observed as a financial services professional.

Because they’re longer documents, you can go into more detail about your work, your experiences, and the advice you want to share with current and future clients.

Sharing this information adds credibility to your business, but it also helps you establish yourself as a thought leader in the financial services industry.

Build a Mailing List

Finally, you can build an email list with eBooks and white papers. Once you have people’s email addresses, you can connect with them on a more personal level and help them understand the benefits of working with your business.

Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategy Today

With in-depth eBooks and white papers, you can expand your financial services business’s content marketing strategy and provide more value to your clients.

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