5 ways to use content to achieve your 2024 goals

The fintech market is growing rapidly and becoming more competitive year after year. In 2024, quality content will be more important than ever.

With the new year almost here, it’s time to start planning your marketing strategy and deciding what kind of content you want to share with your audience.

No matter what your bigger objectives are for 2024, you can use content to achieve them. Here are five ways to use content to grow your business this year!

1. Create and Educate

Do you have a goal to build brand awareness, grow your social media following, or generate more website traffic? If you want to accomplish any of these things, creating high-quality, educational content will help.

When you share educational content — such as how-to guides — you provide your audience with valuable knowledge that they can’t get anywhere else. This, in turn, helps you to establish authority within the fintech industry and encourage people to turn to you when they want more information about a particular topic.

With the fintech sector growing so much (and so fast), there’s a lot of competition out there, and anything you can do to make your business stand out is a good thing.

2. Diversify Your Content

If you’re interested in building brand awareness and connecting with a larger audience this year, you need to diversify your content. Look for ways to mix up your content strategy in 2024.

Do you share a lot of how-to blog posts? If so, why not shake things up and incorporate some other types of content, such as interviews with industry experts or case studies showing how your products or services have positively impacted your clients or customers?

You can also try new things, like sharing video content on your website or social media platforms.

Put simply, when you diversify your content, you connect with new people who wouldn’t be interested in your business and what you have to say otherwise.

3. Be Transparent

Would you like to generate more leads or increase conversions in 2024? If so, start being more transparent with your content.

Transparency helps you to build trust and establish stronger relationships with your target audience. Stronger relationships, in turn, encourage people to invest in your products or services.

How can you be more transparent with your audience?

Start by telling people more about what happens behind the scenes at your business. For example, you can share articles or videos talking about your processes or introducing people to different members of your team.

4. Enhance Your Calls to Action

Do you want your audience to do something specific? Are you looking to schedule more consultations or get more people to download your free lead magnet?

If you have lead-generation or conversion-related goals, make sure you include clear calls to action in all of your content.

Whether you’re writing a social media caption or an eBook, you should add a specific call to action that inspires people to, well, act.

Need help writing better calls to action? Keep these tips in mind:

  • Use verbs (“call,” “schedule,” “download,” etc.)
  • Create a sense of urgency (“act now,” “call today,” etc.)
  • Remember that less is more (it’s better to use fewer words and be clear than say too much and confuse your audience)

5. Celebrate Your Audience

If you want to build better relationships with your audience and increase conversions or encourage people to become repeat customers, make sure you’re creating content that celebrates them.

One way to celebrate your audience is to include testimonials and reviews from existing customers. Doing this not only shows people that you appreciate them but it also provides social proof that can help you attract more customers in the future.

You can also create content specifically for your existing customers (such as emails featuring special discount codes or giving them early access to promotions).

Crush Your 2024 Goals with Quality Content

Are you ready to achieve your 2024 goals? Quality content can help you build your fintech business and have your most successful year yet.

As you plan your content strategy for the new year, be sure to incorporate the tips and guidelines shared above.

If you need help implementing them or creating superior content, our team at Fintech Content Marketing is here. Reach out today to learn more about our services.